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COVID-19 Support

During this time of social isolation and uncertainty, the needs of our clients are varied and extend beyond this crisis. Please help us to continue to support them. Your funds will go towards:

  • Crisis accommodation and rental payments for those who have had to leave their homes due to family violence
  • Essential items, including food and clothing
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops/iPads
  • School supplies including books, stationery supplies, art supplies
  • Support for our clients who may find that they have large bills, such as from internet use from children learning online and working from home.

Post COVID-19

  • Recommencing extra-curricular activities like sport or instrumental lessons
  • Funding for social activities, eg play centres, trampoline parks for reconnection
  • Tutoring for children who have fallen behind in their studies

Share our vision to promote recovery and for a community free from family violence and sexual assault committed to the principles of gender equality, social justice and human rights.

Every donation we receive makes a difference to a person’s life and is gratefully appreciated.

All donations we receive directly support people impacted by sexual assault and family violence in our community who need it most.

We are a registered charitable organisation. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

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Some ways your funds could be used:

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