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Respect Starts Here

Respect Starts Here







Respect Starts Here is a primary prevention program engages different settings across the Barwon area to promote gender equality and address violence against women.

Through building partnerships with local sporting associations, schools and community groups Respect Starts Here delivers tailored actions to promote gender equality within structures, community and individuals.

The Respect Starts Here program helps young people, their mentors, and community understand the link between gender inequality and the violence many women and children experience in Australia.


Respect Starts Here: Leaders on and off the field

Leaders on and off the field engages three sporting clubs across the Barwon area to promote gender equality and address violence against women. This program has been funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Preventing Violence Through Sport Grants Program  and is delivered in partnership with Leisure Networks, City of Greater Geelong, and Women’s Health Barwon South West.

Leaders on and off the field takes a whole-of-club approach by working with the sports club committee, its community, players, coaches and volunteers and by creating a club action group with members from each area of the club to promote ownership of the program.

Each sporting club will undertake a gender equality needs assessment, develop a gender equality action plan and take part in bystander action workshops.

Current status: Grovedale Cricket Club launched the implementation of the project at the beginning of 2023 and will continue rolling out the program during the 2023/2024 season.

How can your sports club take part in Respect Starts Here: Leaders on and off the field? 

Expressions of interest are currently closed. Please keep up to date with upcoming EOI periods by following us on social media.

Case study: Piloting Respect Starts Here

In 2022 Respect Starts Here was piloted at Geelong West Giants Football & Netball Club through funding from Give Where You Live Foundation.

The project’s objective was to increase sporting clubs awareness and understanding of sexual assault and family violence, through promoting gender equality, safe and respectful relationships and support clubs capacity to respond to disclosures of violence.

The project took a whole of sport approach to engage club executive, coaches, and members, senior and junior players. The 6 month project  had direct engagement with over 230 participants, through participation in bystander action sessions.

Workshop participant feedback:

“Knowing what to do (other than calling someone out) is so helpful and it makes me feel more confident in my ability to deal with gender inequality”

“The 5 Ds are a powerful tool. As men, we have a responsibility to call this out”

“Please go around to every single school/sporting club/ workplace etc. in Geelong and present this presentation this was so educational and I think a lot of the younger and older generation can benefit greatly from this. Keep up this amazing work!!”

Watch our video of Respect Starts Here with Geelong West Giants FNC here.

More information

For more information about this initiative, please email [email protected]

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