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Geelong: 03 5222 4318 Wimmera: 03 5381 1211 Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24 Hours): 1800 806 292 Safe Steps (24 Hours): 1800 015 188

Problem Sexual Behaviours

We offer support and counselling to a child and parent/s to understand what may be behind the inappropriate or problem sexualised behaviours and to learn strategies that re-direct the inappropriate behaviour and support positive experiences and connections in the child’s life.

Most sexual behaviours in young children (including behaviours that involve another child) are developmentally normal and require nothing more than a calm, corrective response from the parent or carer.

Sexual behaviours in children (up to 9 years) may be considered problematic if a child targets a more vulnerable child, is resistant to normal parental correction and appropriate boundary setting or if the behaviour is of a nature that is distressing.

A disclosure of PSBs, particularly toward a sibling or a relative child relative or a close friend can be devastating for a family and may leave parent/carers experiencing disbelief, confusion, shock, grief, shame, despair, self-doubt and self-blame.

It’s important that if your child is displaying problem sexual behaviours that you seek the advice of a professional, we are here to help. We are also able to offer secondary consultations to professionals, schools and GPs.

For further information please call our Geelong office on 03 5222 4318 or our Wimmera office on 03 5381 1211.

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