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Geelong: 03 5222 4318 Wimmera: 03 5381 1211 Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24 Hours): 1800 806 292 Safe Steps (24 Hours): 1800 015 188

Safety, Rights and Responsibilities

The physical and emotional safety of clients and visitors to The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre is important to us. We are committed to ensuring that people:

  • Are treated with dignity and respect, and their choices respected.
  • Are provided with access to an interpreter if needed
  • Receive accurate information to make informed choices about services and procedures.
  • Are contacted about appointment changes in a reasonable timeframe, where possible.

We expect that clients and visitors will:

  • Be courteous towards other clients, visitors and staff and respect their privacy and confidentiality.
  • Provide us with a safe and current contact number in case of appointment changes or emergencies.
  • Contact us in reasonable time if unable to attend an appointment.
  • Reschedule an appointment if unwell or are affected by alcohol or drugs.

The safety of all clients, visitors and staff is paramount. Any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards our staff or other people will not be tolerated.

Behaviour of this kind may mean that access to our services won’t be permitted.

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