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Training – Trauma – The Body and The Brain

Trauma: The Body and the Brain Series

The ‘Trauma: Body and the Brain’ training series has been designed to provide information on understanding trauma and impacts, informed by practitioners’ expertise supporting and responding to people who have experienced trauma.

Using evidence based and trauma informed practice knowledge, participants will be introduced to the key concepts of trauma and complex trauma as it relates to sexual assault and family violence.

The training series explores childhood trauma, building participants’ knowledge and understanding on how trauma impacts the brain and the body, importance of integrating the brain and body to manage trauma symptoms, using practical strategies and the importance of relationships and building safety in the body.

Trauma: The Body and the Brain – Module One

Introductory Level

This training provides foundational knowledge in the area of trauma, with a strong focus on understanding its impacts on the body and the brain.

By participating in this training, participants will:

  • Learn about the impacts of trauma and complex
  • Understand trauma through a neuroscience lens
  • Understand more about trauma and the brain
  • Learn about the Window of Tolerance
  • Explore effective regulation strategies

Cost: $99 (ex GST)
Duration: 4 hours total, split 2 hrs x 2 days

Available dates

  • Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July, 9:30am – 11:30am (online)
    Register here.

Trauma: The Body and the Brain – Module Two

Intermediate Level

This training is the second module in this series and provides an extension of the foundational knowledge training, Trauma: The Body and the Brain – Module One.

The comprehensive training provides an opportunity for practitioners to build on core components, including:

  • Understanding more about the impacts of trauma on the body and the brain
  • Neuroscience that underpins trauma work; including
    • -The Polyvagal Theory
    • -Neural-Integration
  • The importance of relationships and creating safety when working with people who have experienced trauma

This module will offer space for practitioners to look into effective practical clinical tools, used to assist trauma informed practice and understand the importance of integrating the brain and body when supporting someone impacted by trauma.

Cost: $99 (ex GST)
Duration: 3.5 hours

To be informed of our upcoming training and important training updates, you can subscribe by emailing [email protected] or contact us at (03) 5222 4318.

We welcome opportunities to work with you to deliver training that meets your needs.  Contact us by calling (03) 5222 4318 or email [email protected].

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