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Primary Prevention – Projects

Breaking the Binary Code – Reducing Family Violence against the LGBTIQ+ community

Breaking the Binary Code is a 12- month project in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong, Barwon Adolescent Task (BAT) Force and Creative Geelong funded by the Victorian State Government under its Free from Violence Strategy.

The project has a holistic approach to work with the LGBTIQ+ community, their families and young people who do not identify as LGBTIQ+ with the aim to keep the LGBTIQ+ community free from family violence.

The project will engage in activities including:

  • Create a message of inclusive language on gender, sexuality and family violence.
  • Develop a narrative resource for parents/carers in having conversations with young LGBTIQ+ people about their gender and sexuality that will support healthy, safe and respectful relationships free from violence.
  • Deconstruct harmful society binary constructs of gender and sexuality through challenging images within social norms, stereotypes and media.

Breaking the Binary Code Factsheet

Creative Opportunity

The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre invites the creative industry to work with them and their project partners for the design and development of a creative mechanism. Purpose of the creative product is to transfer narratives and key messages into a medium that is appealing and informative for the community. Creatives from the LGBTIQ+ community are encouraged to apply. For more information, please read the Artist Brief and EOI below.

Breaking the Binary Code – Artist brief

Breaking the Binary Code – Artist EOI

Contact details

Bonnie Loft, Gender & Sexuality Project officer –  03 5222 4318  /  [email protected]

Community of Practice, Primary Prevention in the G21 region

In partnership with Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West (WHWBSW)

Together with WHWBSW, we are leading the establishment of a Community of Practice (CoP) for practitioners working in primary prevention of violence against women in the G21 region. The purpose of the CoP is to create a forum for:

  • information sharing and professional development
  • developing and building on a shared understanding of primary prevention
  • creating partnership opportunities that maximise resources and coordinate efforts in primary prevention.

A sustainable CoP will guide the practice of primary prevention of violence against women and family violence well into the future.

Partnership, Equality and Prevention project with the City of Greater Geelong (the City)

In July 2017 we delivered a 12-month project in partnership with the City, funded by the Victorian State Government under its Free from Violence strategy. The project involved working with the City to strengthen and expand its efforts in promoting gender equity and preventing family violence and all forms of violence against women and their children. Taking a “whole of organisation” approach, we were engaged in activities including:

  • collaborating with the City to present Geelong’s inaugural, fully subscribed, Gender Equity in the Workplace Forum in February 2018
  • delivering gender equity training for the City’s workforce
  • development of gender equity practices as part of the City’s “business as usual” approach
The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land we stand on. We are committed to working toward creating a community where all people indigenous and non-indigenous are safe, connected and empowered to live well. The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre recognises the diverse needs of our community and we ensure our services are inclusive of all children, young people and their families including those who are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, those who identify as LGBTIQ and persons living with disability. We work collaboratively with people and partner organisations who also support our diverse client group. Interpreter and translator services are available to all our clients upon request.

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